All entertainment and some of the sporting events are live with no content censored. Therefore, we recommend 18+ to enter or watch an event. private and pay per view events for our exclusive clientele. This means, sadly, that there is no public access to experience the fun and excitement.


But many times we plead, on your behalf, with them to grant us access to at least a few pay-per-view tickets that we can share with our friends. So stay tuned. When they come up, they go fast!


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Wale (pronounced "Wally") Rocks the world with the first fully customizable event app.  We have the only app that promoters, teams, and celebrities can customize to give their audience that truly unique experience.

We give our members an experience they have only dreamed of until now. With premium streaming content that gives you all the features you need. Add upcoming shows to your calendar, buy merch, get quick access via text messages to artists contests, and more. 

We want you to enjoy the streaming videos, have quick easy access to merchandise and supporting content. 

That's what we mean when we say, "!

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