The Smartest Way To Deliver Tier I Content Globally


Streaming Content – 4K video to any market that accepts content streaming to mobile. Landscape to

portrait means full screen to data, items for sale and social engagement.

Pools & Contests – start a private or public group. Friends, family, office, fraternities on and on.  And if

there is a list of contacts to long to type in, just upload a database (first, last email address). The exciting

 brand feature, sponsor pools per event.   

DynamicBrackets™ – the sticky that makes wale so powerful. change your choice any time before and

during an event. The power of competition up till the bitter end.

                    Game Screen – Live, upcoming, and completed events. The screen follows the scores and reports to

                    the  user. It can also be channelized for multiple content feeds with vertical content. All in real-time

                    Live Statistics – static and/or dynamic. Based on promoter content and delivered to the end user in real time.

                    Flash Login - with FB or Google it’s the easy one click sign-in

                                                                                   Leader Board – Who is winning in the pools, that a member is part of,                                                                                                 throughout the duration of the event.

                                                                                    Product Sales – go from Landscape to Portrait during the video to purchase                                                                     merchandise. Once PPV has been purchased, payment methods are                                                                                                 stored to improve checkout purchasing merchandise.

Donation Engine – built into wale, this allows engagement for foundations.


Social Media – direct to social. Once engaged, brands can share discounts etc., tied to referral codes for tracking or discounting. E.g. - Prize for most friends that signed up.

Advertisements – live ad insertion, static or video. Ad rotation automated. Base, edge, or full screen real estate. (No time requirements on commercials – 5 sec, 5 min… )


Business Intelligence – integrate almost any business intel platform directly into wale. E.g. a platform like Follow Analytics that captures every click on every page of our app.

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