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Add to OUTLOOK calendar

    A. Once you have clicked on the ADD TO CALENDAR button , which is on the CALENDAR page, you download the file to your calendar. Once downloaded, open OUTLOOK. Go to the event and change both the date and time you want to see the event. 

Adding a profile pic and hearder pic to your membership page

    A. When adding a picture to either location, be sure to add a LANDSCAPE image to the HEADER and a square or close to square image to the PROFILE picture.

How do I create a member account? 

    A. At the bottom of every page you will see a membership link. Click the link, add the basic information, and you're all done!  Now you have access to the fun stuff!

How do I add an event to my calendar so I won't miss it?

   A. Go to the CALENDAR page. Click on an event you'd like to save to your personal calendar. Find the "ADD TO CALENDAR" links for Apple, Android, and Microsoft. The link automatically adds it to your calendar.

What to do if the video stops streaming.  

Slow video streaming on your phone could also be caused by issues beyond your control; for example, your relative distance from surrounding cell towers. Generally, the closer you are to a cell tower, the better your cell phone signal.

Other obstacles can interfere with your cell reception, such as signal-blocking materials, including concrete, metal, energy-efficient glass, and foam insulation, used in the construction of your home or office building.


While these factors may obstruct the signal, there are steps you can take to improve video streaming on your phone.

   A1.  Turn your phone off and on again. Then go back to the streaming event and restart.

   A2.  Check the amount of memory you have on your phone. Streaming does use some bandwidth, though, with today's compressed high-quality streams, this normally is not a problem.

   A3.  Move to a better location to ensure it is not your wireless or cellular connection.

How do I get a refund if I can't watch the show?

   A. Please click here and fill out the request form for a refund.

How do I contact the team at Wale Rocks?

   A.  Click Here or call 702-930-9005.